Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Featured In ChickenDeadChicken ! by ChickenGeorge !!!

Well in my other Redford , vid , "the night that is a wash", i mentioned Folk art Jeff, or who I like to call "CootterJeff", cause he sounds real rednecky and is funny , He made a bunch of videos a while back about his new folk art studio and retail shop , then he sorta stopped, so in one of my rants, i mentioned him, in nice way sorta more like , this art bizness is about making shit , you gots to make shit etc,. Well, so heis videos are like he is talking to himself about folk art and old stuff, but in all the CMT redneck phrazes,, and i know he has never been on video he shoots from behind the camera. Thank's ! Once Again ! ChickenGeorge ! Oh shit , I mean King Chicken !!! ~ FolkArtJeff ~!!!

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