Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Happening In Johnson City !!!

Folk Art Jeffs Van

Most people in Johnson City have seen Jeff Story’s van. It is painted with a scene of the Blue Ridge Mountains with driftwood attached to the front grille. Story calls himself “Folk Art Jeff,” and he has been drawing since the age of 6. A sign on the back of his house reads “buy folk art.”

His sculptures are made from objects like driftwood, rocks and plastic plants. Animals, nature and rural life are constant themes of Story’s work. His paintings are characterized by brightly colored acrylic paint on pieces of scrap plywood.

Folk art is not Jeff’s full-time occupation. He also owns Jeff’s Removal Service, a business that hauls away unwanted items from people’s property. He recently hauled a rusty 1950s Willy’s Jeep off someone’s property that he is unsure what to do with. Story usually finds a way to repurpose most things people do not want. It may wind up a sculpture

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Live)

Featured In ChickenDeadChicken ! by ChickenGeorge !!!

Well in my other Redford , vid , "the night that is a wash", i mentioned Folk art Jeff, or who I like to call "CootterJeff", cause he sounds real rednecky and is funny , He made a bunch of videos a while back about his new folk art studio and retail shop , then he sorta stopped, so in one of my rants, i mentioned him, in nice way sorta more like , this art bizness is about making shit , you gots to make shit etc,. Well, so heis videos are like he is talking to himself about folk art and old stuff, but in all the CMT redneck phrazes,, and i know he has never been on video he shoots from behind the camera. Thank's ! Once Again ! ChickenGeorge ! Oh shit , I mean King Chicken !!! ~ FolkArtJeff ~!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Funky The Folk Art StarFish

One of my paintings has been Nominated for Feature Gallery. At by Justin Keener creator and adim of How Funky was born , I was snowed in one night . Messin with paint and Funky came to life this is really the first time of trying funky kinda art work to me ? But wtf ? if people like that kinda ? paintings I damn sure can paint more ! But , I really am proud of " Funky " the folk art starfish ! Thank's from the bottom of my heat to !!! ~FolkArtJeff~!!!

Kickin' It In Tennessee

Red Mud Ninja Blood-Buttons Revenge-Worthless Chicken George

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NOW! OPEN! ~Jeffs Removal Service ~!!! Serving The Johnson City & TriCitie's Area !!!

Why pay to have your appliances/scrap metal items removed when you can have them removed for free....

Free pick-up or your unwanted metal appliances(refrigerators/freezers/dishwashers/stoves/washers/dryers) commercial restaurant equipment, A/C units any size, heat pumps, fans, filing cabinets, metal shelving, bicycles, lawn mowers, weed eaters, edgers, metal playground equipment, trampolines, metal pool frames, metal fence posts & chain link fence, metal sheds(**I tear down and remove free),BBQ grills, metal home window frames, car rims(without tires attached)/metal car parts, bed frames, vehicle batteries and anything else made of metal that you have sitting around that you need removed. We do not take televisions. Items removed can consist of the following types of metal: steel, aluminum, brass, copper, lead and stainless steel. Pick-up is free; all you have to do is call... We will travel outside of Johnson City area for larger quantities of metal in excess of 200lbs. We service commercial and residential properties. Also take care of full metal cleanouts of homes/businesses/forclosure metal cleanouts. Call 423-557-9681 today to set up a pick-up time. Same day service on most pick-ups. Service areas include: Johnson City TN , Bristol TN/VA , Kingsport TN , Elizabethon TN , Erwin TN , Jonesbourgh TN , Greenville TN , etc ... Recycle today for a greener tomorrow...