Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Happening In Johnson City !!!

Folk Art Jeffs Van

Most people in Johnson City have seen Jeff Story’s van. It is painted with a scene of the Blue Ridge Mountains with driftwood attached to the front grille. Story calls himself “Folk Art Jeff,” and he has been drawing since the age of 6. A sign on the back of his house reads “buy folk art.”

His sculptures are made from objects like driftwood, rocks and plastic plants. Animals, nature and rural life are constant themes of Story’s work. His paintings are characterized by brightly colored acrylic paint on pieces of scrap plywood.

Folk art is not Jeff’s full-time occupation. He also owns Jeff’s Removal Service, a business that hauls away unwanted items from people’s property. He recently hauled a rusty 1950s Willy’s Jeep off someone’s property that he is unsure what to do with. Story usually finds a way to repurpose most things people do not want. It may wind up a sculpture