Friday, June 25, 2010

Police Say !!! No ! Paint ! On ! The ! Window's !!!

Well ! Hell Fire ! Another setback on " Ol Blue " !!! The local police stated yesterday that I can't have paint on my van window's . But ? did they forget about the caro van's without window's ? What's the difference ? paint or no window's at all ? Well ! It suck's !!! ass !!! Now , I have to come up with a idea ? On how to work the art work in , no paint on window's ? Well mayb black or lite blue curtain's ? who know's ? But this really suck's !!! I'll keep everyone up dated with my Blog and picture's of " Ol Blue " !!! Peace ! Out ! for now !!! " FolkArtJeff "

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thousands attend demonstration in support of White | TriCities

Here's the link to the demonstration in support of S.S.A Ben D. White !!! Thank everyone very much on this great turn out !!! For a local Hero !!! He will never be Forgotten !!! Thousands attend demonstration in support of White | TriCities

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OutHouse's !!! Buy Them Now !!!

Hey ! What's up people ? Thinking about building a few OutHouse's for people to use for yard decoration !!! Some will be used for tool shed's , garden tool shed's etc ... Okie Dokie !!! I'm done for the day !!! Peace from the east !!! FolkArtJeff !!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New SlideShowVideo's !!! On YouTube Now !!! from FolkArtJeff !!!

Ok , the weather has not been the best in the world !!! But , I have been out in the cold weather taking picture's of a few place's. As my daughter and I was looking at them , we taught about making a few slideshow's then some how music got added to them !!! We knew it was on then !!! Have I created a monster ? She love's taking picture's as well as I do !!! With the both of us working on picture's and finding song's for them watch for more to come !!! Peace from FolkArtJeff !!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ol' Blue is down !!!

OK , here's my first blog !!! Ol' Blue is down !!! I repeat !!! Ol' Blue is down !!! Who's Blue ? Well of course that would be my Famous " Folk Art Van ". I'm not sure what's wrong with the van ? maybe ? a short ? Done put a new alt , battery , headlight switch , replaced a wire that could have been hot at one time or another !!! And the damn thing's still not charging ? What could it be ? Maybe , It's time for a new van ? Well , let's go check some more thing's out on Ol' Blue !!! As Porky Pig would say !!! " That's all Folk's " !!! Peace out !!! from FolkArtJeff.