Friday, June 25, 2010

Police Say !!! No ! Paint ! On ! The ! Window's !!!

Well ! Hell Fire ! Another setback on " Ol Blue " !!! The local police stated yesterday that I can't have paint on my van window's . But ? did they forget about the caro van's without window's ? What's the difference ? paint or no window's at all ? Well ! It suck's !!! ass !!! Now , I have to come up with a idea ? On how to work the art work in , no paint on window's ? Well mayb black or lite blue curtain's ? who know's ? But this really suck's !!! I'll keep everyone up dated with my Blog and picture's of " Ol Blue " !!! Peace ! Out ! for now !!! " FolkArtJeff "

1 comment:

  1. The police don't want you to paint the windows so, when they pull you over... they can make sure some crazy folk artist isn't going to jump out and stab them with a painter's chip brush!

    I recommend using worn out brushes... no need to waste new brush on a cop... unless he wants to buy a painting!